Silver Lining is proud to announce!

Silver Lining Technology Services Inc. is pleased to announce the creation of a new media division. Many organizations underutilize technology and fail to take advantage of the significant impact technology can have on their ability to improve sales, streamline processes and fufill their mission statements. Our first project is

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Pyetta is the dream of two friends, who saw many of their friends affected by the disease of addiction and finding a solution in the 12 steps. Pyetta was created to allow many addicts to tell their stories and share how the 12 step process has transformed their lives.  Pyetta is also committed to sharing the tools needed to achieve freedom from active addiction and develop the spiritual principles to help carry the message to other recovering addicts.

Silver Lining is excited about this opportunity to provide technical assistance and guidance to Pyetta as they develop a website, e-magazine and social media presence.