First book published!

I’m very proud to have published my first book!

I wanted to thank my editor, Erica who was instrumental in getting this published and the support of many people (Tannis,  Nicole, Haley, Jed, Alison, All the Daves, Al and so many more! ps if I missed you – free coffee!). I also wanted to reconize Kindle Direct Self Publishing for providing a fantastic portal,  BookBaby for amazing service and support in production of an eBook, and the talented artists and staff at 99designs for providing a cover.  Click on the cover below to go to and purchase a copy. I learned alot, and hope to continue to provide new books.

My focus is  to demystifying the technology and giving people a glimpse of what’s possible. Lots of books will show you in detail how to use all of the menus and features but often they lack direction and people are overwhelmed. Silver Lining Technology Services Inc. is committed to taking the best that technology has to offer and enhancing your organization by providing basic direction. I hope you enjoy this ebook.