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Management and deployment consulting

We provide independent consulting on the management and deployment of information technologies. Information Technology has rapidly grow over the last quarter century. Vehicles, telephones and many other technologies have been around in some form for many years. This isn’t true with computers. Silver Lining was born out of a need for organizations to have independent advice and direction on the use of this type of technology.

Our ongoing relationship with clients will provide the needed support and direction as they move forward. We can provide critical oversight when your organization works with other 3rd party contractors.


Custom application development and deployment

Organizations should work with existing software as much as possible. There are thousands of commercial packages available to meet the needs of most organizations for many of their processes. Custom software can provide a key component to improve processes within the organization. We can help you to identify and create custom applications to suit your needs.

Some commercial software is designed for a specific market or process and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Smaller companies could benefit from scaled down applications that are custom designed to fit their needs.


Training Packages for your needs

We are pleased to offer training and consulting sessions for groups. If you are interested in one of our existing packages, or have a suggestion for a course you would like to see, feel free to contact us!


About Silver Lining Technology Services

My entire career has been working with technology and small to medium sized businesses. I started with my own small company in 1989, while living in Summerland. Since then, I have continued to develop my knowledge and skills. I have stayed in Summerland since I arrived in 1989, married and raising two daughters who have grown up and are attending university. I have an enormous amount of gratitude for the life I lead, and look for any opportunity to improve myself or my community through discussion, volunteering and work. In my spare time, I like to write creatively, hike, fish and mutilate the occasional canvas with acrylic paint.

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Silver Lining Technology Services Inc.
Sentes Automotive has been doing business with Mark for over fifteen years. During that time, we have drawn on his experience and knowledge to assist our organization to develop very effective uses of information technology. Mark has always made us feel like our company is a top priority and much of what we do today came about from Mark’s consulting and the dedication he showed to our company.

We have a very complicated network and system infrastructure due to the requirements of each dealership in the automotive group, as well as the fact that all locations are connected internally despite being located in different cities. During difficult transitions to new technology or when we were experiencing disruption from failures, Mark has consistently been available to provide the service we required. His honest, forthright approach allowed us to quickly develop solutions and he is always willing to work with 3rd party providers to resolve issues.


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